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How to Start Eating Healthy This Year!

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It’s that time of year again! New Year, New You huh? Well, instead of a new you, let’s improve you! I believe that one of the first places to start making improvements for your health is in the kitchen.

Healthy eating has a direct impact on your health and it’s something that you have to do every day. This year, I am bringing women together on Facebook to support each other in improving their eating habits with the I Got This, Healthy Food Challenge.

Before I give you the details, let’s cover a few things about healthy eating.

Healthy Eating Is Not One Size Fits All

We’ve all heard, “You are what you eat.” That statement holds some truths. According to the CDC, healthy nutrition impacts your skin, teeth, muscles, bones, and decreases your risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. In other words, healthy eating impacts EVERYTHING!

Eating foods that are good for your health is key to being healthy. I emphasize the importance of eating what’s good for your health because healthy eating is not one size fits all.

For example, a big bowl of fruit sounds healthy right? However, if you’re a diabetic, a big bowl of fruit may spike your blood sugar levels.

Food Tracking IS Key!

The only person who knows everything you eat, every day is YOU. That's why food tracking is a very effective way to improve your health. Food tracking gives you the health awareness you need to make healthy changes.

Studies have shown that the most successful way to lose weight or maintain healthy eating habits is by food tracking. There are many ways to track your food, but I’ve found that having a journal dedicated for keeping track of my meals is more effective than other methods.

My physical journal doesn’t have the distractions that can come with journaling on a device. Instead of tracking your food, you end up ordering a new blouse or Googling something.

I created the I Got This!: Food and Feelings Journal so that women could have a dedicated space for food tracking, journaling, goal setting, and recording measurements.

I Got This 30-Day Healthy Food Challenge

This year, I wanted to help women improve their health through the self-care of healthy eating. I created the I Got This Healthy Food Challenge to help women take charge of their eating habits.

This is not a challenge to lose weight, but a challenge for women to make their health and wellness a priority. During the challenge, the I Got This Food and Feelings Journal will be utilized to help women stay on track. The journal includes:


Women will set goals that are important for their health and identify their “why” for health and wellness.

Body Measurements

Women will record their body measurements in the beginning of the challenge and at the end of the challenge. As mentioned before, this challenge is not a weight loss challenge.

However, women will use a tape measure to monitor their progress. Women are welcome to use a scale, but scales never tell the full story of your progress.

Meal Ideas

Creating healthy meals can get in the way of staying consistent with healthy eating. So, at the beginning of each week, women create all their healthy meal ideas in their journal. This will be a quick reference for meal prepping or when things get hectic during the week.

Food Tracking

Each day, women will track each meal, snacks, and the calories for each food. The journal includes a quick reference with foods, calories and serving sizes.

Feelings Tracking

Have you ever noticed that you go for certain foods depending on how you feel? Well, each day women will write how they feel about their eating habits.

At the end of the month, women will record what they learned about themselves, what improvements they can make, and things or people that caused difficulties with staying on track.

This is your year to take control of your health. Eating healthy is a major step in living a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re up for the challenge and would like the support of a community of women on a mission, grab the I Got This Food and Feelings Journal and join us on Facebook. The challenge begins on January 10th. See you there!

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