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Meet Dr. Candace

Hi!  I’m Dr. Candace!  For over a decade, I have been helping others live their healthiest life through chiropractic care, weight loss, and nutrition. 


As a full-time mother, wife, and business owner, I know what it’s like to “save the day” for others and not make the time to save your health.

Well, I believe that health can be yours by implementing small steps every day! 



That’s exactly what I did!

My Health Story

I Was Never Overweight:

Never in a million years had I imagined that I would struggle with my weight.


I’m an ex-athlete who ran track and cross country in high school.

Long story short, I’ve always worked out, ate a healthy diet with the occasional junk food, and I never worried about fitting into my skinny jeans.

During my second pregnancy, I had gained more weight that I expected, BUT I was sure that I could snap back like I did after having my daughter 6 years prior.

Snapping Back...

I was going to follow the same things that I did after I had my daughter and I would be back to my pre-pregnancy weight in no time. 

I tried everything and nothing worked. 


Breastfeeding seemed to make the struggle even more difficult. 

To Make Matters Worse...

When my son was just 3 months old, my job was terminated without any warning. 


I was beyond devastated and the weight seemed to become more stubborn.

I continued to eat healthy (I was actually undereating), work out, and breastfeed my son (for 16 months). 


My weight would. not. move!

Uncovering the REAL Weight...

I started to address my feelings of devastation through journaling. 


My journaling revealed to me that I had been carrying the expectations of others, in my career and self-image, on my shoulders.

Once I became clear about what I wanted for myself, I started to create a plan that worked for me.

I tracked my food, workouts, and most importantly, my feelings.

On the picture in the left, although I was at my daughter's kindergarten graduation, I was struggling to smile.  I remember squeezing into this dress and leaving my wedding ring at home because I could no longer fit it.


The picture on the right is me today in the same dress - without a girdle, more confident, healthy, and aware of myself than I've ever been:


Get Your Health Back!

I am so thankful for overcoming the capes that weighed me down and held me back from making my health a priority.


You may be like I was, tired, discouraged, and unmotivated


But there's hope for you to experience the empowerment of taking charge of your health – For You!  


Along my journey, I authored a book to educate and motivate you to health and an empowerment journal to help you get started on your way to better health.

But, I wanted to do more for women who want health, but are too overwhelmed and uninspired to do it.


So, I brought The Doc Knows to you to inspire you to live the healthiest version of yourself by making small steps everyday.

It's Time To Get Your Health Back!

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