The Story of Dr. Candace

My Journey To The Doc Knows


Small Town Girl, Big Dreams: I was born in a small city where unpaved roads, friendly smiles and limited health resources were the norm.  I always imagined having an impact on bettering the health in my community.  So, I did just that! 


I scrapped up my coins and opened a chiropractic office. I soon realized that I couldn't reach everyone in a private office.  I wanted to serve anyone that wanted to be served!  I made a bold move to convince the CEO of a large healthcare center to add chiropractic services in a way that EVERYONE (insurance or not) could receive services.  In under a year, the services were discontinued from the facility.  I felt devastated and defeated...

My Purpose Realized:  I continued serving my community by presenting health information and workshops. One day, I was standing in front of a community audience giving a presentation during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, emphasizing the importance of self examination.


One of the attendees of that presentation decided to go for her first-ever mammogram.  She received the dreaded diagnosis of breast cancer.  That person was a member of my family. Today, she lives a happy and healthy life.  The presentation ignited her to be proactive about her health.

On A Mission: I’m a mom, a wife and a doctor who understands that navigating life can be a challenge. However, your journey to health should be made easy to understand. I’ve realized that most women want to a have good measure of health, but they just don’t know how or they don't make the time to get it!  


My mission is to give you the tools you need to live a healthy life. I believe that EVERY WOMAN is worthy of health!  The Doc Knows is a place for you to receive health information that resonates with and impacts women.  Get on the starting line of your health journey and I will  empower you to be confident in living your healthiest life!

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