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CHATS featuring Black Girl Vitamins!

The Doc Knows is excited to bring to you an interview that is going to change your health for the better! I had the great privilege to chat with Black Girl Vitamins (BGV), a vitamin and supplement company that has changed the game for improving the health of Black women!

Grab your morning cup of coffee or tea, sip, and get ready to be inspired as you learn more about how Black Girl Vitamins can help you live your healthiest life!

The Doc: From the very first spark of an idea, tell TDK Community about the inspiration that ignited the creation of a company that has positively impacted the health of 70,000 Black women. What is the mission of BGV?

BGV: We started BGV when one of the co-founders, Maxine, visited the doctor and kept seeing low levels of Vitamin D and Iron in her bloodwork. We looked into this further and realized that Black women were the most deficient in these key building blocks and how it tended to have a long-term impact on our health.

No one was really shedding light on this, so we wanted to start blogging and educating people on this. We decided to take it a step further and actually work with a manufacturer to create supplements to meet this gap and market exclusively to Black women in America.

Aside from the supplements, we are heavy on the educational component. Our newsletters are informational about health discrepancies and ways to fix them. We also

have Instagram live sessions where Black women doctors have Q&A sessions with our


The Doc: It means so much when a company has a personal connection to its products. The connection not only shows in the products that you've created, but in the ways that you educate your customers.

For the women who already have BGV vitamins sitting on their bathroom counters and nightstands, in what ways do they say that your vitamins have changed their health?

BGV: The reviews speak for themselves in this situation. We have close to 2000 5-star reviews where women talk about renewed energy from having their vitamin D levels up, we see comments all the time about improvement in mood, reduced sense of depression, improved sleep, higher concentration levels at work, and reduced inflammation.

As African-American women, we already have the cards stacked against us, so we don't need additional encumbrances in our day-to-day lives.

On a more intrinsic level, we give monthly scholarships to young Black women in school for healthcare-related fields such as dentistry, nursing, research, and others. BGV hopes that we are playing a small part in advancing the careers of health practitioners who look like us to increase and improve the level of care.

The Doc: So, not only are you changing the health of Black women through your products, you are literally breaking down barriers to health services for Black women! Amazing!

Every woman has different needs when it comes to vitamins. How are BGV's product ingredients inclusive of dietary restrictions and health conditions that have the greatest impact on Black women?

BGV: We do this in a few ways:

1) We use as many natural ingredients as possible and stay away from artificial ones.

2) About 90% of all our products are vegetarian and halal.

3) We have gluten-free products as well.

4) Lastly, we are developing a sugar-free substitute for all of our gummies! We will be the first company to have a complete sugar-free line by the end of 2024. It's expensive to develop clean products this way, but we know it’s worth it!

The Doc: That is amazing! I'm looking forward to it as well. If I were a woman who had never taken vitamins but wanted to incorporate them into my health and wellness routine, which BGV product or products would you recommend to me?

BGV: Well, I would always advise you to talk to your doctor first before starting any vitamins. However, all our products are over-the-counter and we understand the needs of our community. So, we encourage women to look into starting with the once-a-day vitamins and the D# supplements. Our "Look Good Feel Good Bundle" is the most popular product and most women have it on a subscription.

The Doc: Yes, talking with your doctor and getting some blood work done to evaluate your vitamin levels is always a great place to start.

What BGV product(s) would you say has made the biggest impact on improving the

health of BGV customers?

BGV: Right now, it has to be the Vitamin D3 supplement. The benefits are just amazing! When you see someone go from being deficient to having optimal levels in as little as 4

months, the visible life changes are phenomenal!

The Doc: Yes! Vitamin D plays such an important in our mental and physical health. It's awesome that BGV customers are reaping the benefits of having optimal Vitamin D levels!

One of the burning questions that women want to know about their vitamins is... Do they taste good? (Hahaha!!) What do BGV vitamins taste like?

BGV: Oh yes! The taste of the vitamins is one thing we get a lot of recognition for. Everyone says they taste like candy! Our B12 vitamin has been described as the best-tasting B12 ever! (Hahaha!) I am excited to introduce our sugar-free options soon that will taste just as good.

The Doc: When your gummies have a great taste, it gives you something to look forward to lol! So, I'm glad they taste great!

Walk the TDK Community through the process of selecting vitamins on the BGV website and purchasing them.

BGV: Because we always start with education, most women come to the site identifying with the symptoms we explain. Most women come for the D3, but on the site, we always show other vitamins that are necessary for African-American women such as Iron and


We also know that consistency is key, so we encourage our "BGV Besties" to get a 3

month supply which we heavily discount because the idea is for you to get healthier.

The Doc: That's great that you help your customers stay consistent with their health by offering discounts on your products.

If the TDK Community visited today, how long would it take to

receive their product? Are there any discounts for first-time customers or subscribers?

BGV: So, it usually takes 2-3 days to put together your order and ship it out. Most people get their orders within 5-6 days after placing it.

The Doc: That's a quick turnaround!

If you could leave one message for women of the TDK Community that empowers them

to live their healthiest life, what would it be?

BGV: You are more than enough! Take your time and enjoy the journey of being a healthier you. Just make today 1% better than yesterday and you'll get there.

Thank you for tuning in to CHATS with The Doc Knows! You can follow Black Girl Vitamins on Instagram to learn more!

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