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Balance Hormones, Boost Weight Loss With This Supplement!

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You’ve been paying more attention to your health than you ever have, BUT for some reason, you still feel like your health is unbalanced?

Could it be your hormones?

Every process in your body is controlled by hormones. There are women who live with symptoms and conditions that are caused by hormonal imbalance. But guess what?

Many of those women aren’t aware that they have unbalanced hormones that are causing a number of symptoms.

Here some of the signs and symptoms that you may be struggling with everyday that could be due to hormonal imbalance:

1. Unwanted Weight Gain

No matter how many Jumping Jacks you do or how much money you are paying that personal trainer to yell at you, the scale keeps climbing, UP, UP, and AWAY!

Some women who work out as much as 5 times per week and eat a healthy diet with the right amount of calories STILL struggle with losing weight.

Gaining weight in spite of your efforts to lose it is beyond frustrating and can lead you to lose your motivation towards your health goals.

Imbalanced hormones like the ones seen in PCOS, endometriosis, and in women under high stress could be the culprit behind the high number on the scale.

2. Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Have you ever awakened from a deep sleep, drenched in so much sweat that one would think you just finished running a marathon?

Or better yet, have you just been minding your business during the day and a heat wave comes over you without warning?

Night sweats and hot flashes can be a red flag for by many conditions that are due to hormonal imbalances like hyperthyroidism, menopause, and even diabetes.

3. Irregular Menstrual Cycle

You’re not sure if you’re on a 14-day or 60-day menstrual cycle. Your period just seems to show up when it wants to and stays for way longer than it needs to.

An irregular menstrual cycle is one of the top signs of a hormonal imbalance. An irregular menstrual cycle can be commonly seen in women with PCOS, endometriosis, and women who have undergone chemotherapy.

4. Cold Hands and Cold Feet

Do you always keep a pair of fuzzy socks on stand-by for your icy cold feet?

Cold feet and hands can seem like a normal thing if they’re always that way. However, it could be a sign that there is an underlying hormonal imbalance.

5. Hair loss

Most people think that hair loss is due to old age, bad products, or poor hair care.

While all of these may be factors, your hair loss could be a sign of hormonal imbalance like those seen in hypo and hyperthyroidism.

6. Heavy Periods

Not only is your menstrual cycle unpredictable, but the flow of your periods are heavy and painful.

Heavy and painful periods are a sign of hormonal conditions like endometriosis and PCOS.

7. Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is any pain that occurs in the pelvic area. Pelvic pain can occur with several conditions that are impacted by hormonal imbalance such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, and endometriosis.

Pelvic pain can occur during sex, bowel movements, exercise, and even when you aren’t doing anything strenuous.

Balancing Your Hormones

As many of you know, I have personal experience with endometriosis (read about it here). Therefore, I have experienced many of the symptoms that I’ve mentioned in this article.

It seems that after the birth of my kids and just plain ol’ getting older, many of these symptoms increased and a few new ones were added to the list.

For years, birth control had been the treatment that I used to help manage my hormones. However, I was determined to try a more natural approach. That is when I discovered DIM.

What is DIM?

DIM, aka diindolymethane, is a compound that’s found in vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and cabbage.

DIM is a supplement that promotes hormonal balance. In studies, DIM has been shown to help regulate hormones like estrogen.

Having a balanced level of estrogen can boost your metabolism and help you lose stubborn weight.

DIM has personally helped me with symptoms that are commonly seen in PCOS and endometriosis like bloating, hormonal acne, and unwanted facial hair.

Not only does DIM help with weight loss, but studies have shown that it may be helpful in preventing hormonal imbalances that cause breast and prostate cancer.

So yes, DIM is a supplement for women and men!

Even if you are currently on a hormone replacement therapy, DIM may be a helpful addition to your treatment.

Natures Craft DIM is the supplement that I use to help with balancing my estrogen levels and improving my metabolism for weight loss.

Well, why not just eat broccoli instead of taking DIM? You would have to eat over a pound of broccoli, EVERYDAY, just to get the benefits of a DIM supplement!

This supplement has 150 mg of DIM per capsule and recommends you take 2 capsules daily.

However, it is recommended that women take 100 – 150 mg (1 capsule) and men can take up to 400 mg.

Natures Craft DIM has 60 capsules which is a 60 -day supply for women at under $15!

If you find that this brand of DIM is not your preference, no worries! Click here for other brands!

Hormonal Harmony!

It is soooo important that you check in with your doctors if you are having any of the symptoms that I’ve mentioned.

Along with your annual lab work, have your doctor order a hormonal panel that will help give insight on your hormonal balance.

No amount of diet and exercise can help you address a hormonal imbalance! Talk to your doctor about how a DIM supplement may help you achieve the hormonal harmony you need to be the healthiest version of yourself.

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