I'm Dr. Candace.  I'm a mom, a wife, and a woman who understands the challenges of living a healthy life.


I'm here to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to understand your health - body, mind, and spirit!  Grab a seat and Let's Do This!


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Women's Health and Wellness

Want to know the what and how about health conditions that affect us the most?  Get the explanations you are looking for right here!

  Eat and Be WELL

Cooking Eggs

Learn ways to improve your health through food and nutrition.  Get budget-friendly recipes and tips that will help you eat your way to health!


Moments in Motherhood

Being a mother is a chaotically beautiful experience.  Join me as I share the experiences, tips and health for today's mom!


Working Women

We work hard while wearing many hats!  Are you starting a small business?  Meeting deadlines?  Click here for tips and advice on how to be a BOSS and do it all!

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